Appointments take place conveniently in your home, at our clinic or at your child’s nursery/school (at your request if required) providing measures are taken to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus- please see COVID-19 Policy/call for details. 





The first stage will be to assess your child’s communication skills. This will include assessing their attention and listening skills, play, use of and understanding of language and speech sounds. Social communication will also be informally assessed. This assessment will take approximately 1 hour. 


The cost of this initial assessment includes a summary report (issued upon receipt of payment). 


If you have any recent reports from either another Speech and Language Therapist or other professionals then it would be really helpful if you could bring these to the appointment. 



THERAPY – £55 


If after the initial assessment it is decided that your child would benefit from therapy sessions, usually a block of weekly sessions, then we will discuss the most appropriate options for your child. 


Therapy sessions will be 1:1 and carried out through play. I will demonstrate activities that you can replicate with your child. 


A typical session duration is up to 45 minutes. This includes time spent discussing strategies with parents/guardians. Shorter or longer sessions can be arranged and organised on a case by case basis. 



REVIEW – £75 


If after the initial assessment your child does not require a block of therapy then a review session can be arranged following a period of time. This allows a consolidation of skills using strategies discussed and demonstrated. A report will be written following this review.


A typical review session is 45 minutes and includes the report.





Attendance at meetings and multi-disciplinary discussions will be charged at the hourly rate of £75/hr (minimum charge £75). 


Attendance at meetings will be discussed and agreed with parents and others involved in advance.





  • Initial Assessment and review session will be invoiced on completion of the assessment. 
  • A Block of Therapy will be invoiced after each weekly session. 




I kindly ask that all invoices shall be settled within 14 days.


Preferred method of payment is via bank transfer. Cash and card payments are also accepted.